Some of our Financial Planning/RIA customers ask us to send them long-term moving averages on a weekly basis, because it helps them make long-term asset allocation decisions.

This 6-pack was created to give perspective on a diverse set of assets. It includes Government & Junk Bonds, Real Estate, Commodities as well as global stocks and the S&P 500. Numerous long-term moving averages have been crossed of late and we wanted to share our asset allocation model with you.



TLT, IYR, JNK DBC are now all below both the 100 & 200-day moving averages.

EFA and the S&P 500 remain above the 200-MA lines, yet below the 100-MA lines.

Haven’t seen our 6-pack below this many long-term moving averages in a while! In time, could be really important for long-term asset allocation models!



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