Common Challenges - Uncommon Solutions

Challenges Faced by Many Investors & Financial Professionals

Met with a Clear – Concise – Actionable Solution

Identify with Some of These Challenges?


  • Struggle to determine quality entry and exit points
  • Struggle to identify significant market turning points
  • Need help minimizing downside risk / stop losses
  • Second-guess research and need a reliable resource for confirmation
  • Don’t always have the confidence to pull the trigger
  • Confident in your research but want a quality technician’s work to confirm or challenge conclusions
  • Need help finding extreme support and resistance levels
  • Do mostly fundamental research, but alone doesn’t assist in timely entry and exits
  • Want an objective way to make investment decisions, not based on news and opinions

How The Power of the Chart Pattern Meets These Challenges



Charts are nothing more than patterns formed by price over time.

Charts also give us insight into the beliefs and emotions about an asset, giving us clues of its future direction

And charts are factual, and cannot lie!

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A sideways “pennant” pattern (chart below), clearly shows that a breakout is about to take place)

In this case, go long an upside breakout of XLF

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The Solution to combat the noise of news & opinions

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Guides Your Risk Management to Minimize Loss and Protect Gains

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How Members Have Benefitted

Chris, My deciding factor in in becoming a member was threefold:

1) A simple easy to understand approach

2) Clear information about each product and the opportunity to receive free updates to get a feel for what is offered and how it can be used

3) Results, I made profitable trades

Thanks and I look forward to learning with you


Micael Y

Chris, thanks to some of your calls, I was added to Forbes list of top advisors in the US for 2017!.

What I find most important about the research is the overall macro view of many different asset classes/sectors at the same time.

So in many cases just having the confidence in a market like SPY and NDX will help someone like me to ignore all of the noise and keep a simple approach.

It really often tells a concise story and raises great technical bullet points that I can share in client meetings.

Jon G, financial advisor

Chris , Just wanted to thank you for your 2-FEB article about bumping the top of the trading range.

I read it with great interest and immediately got out of my “risk on” government Thrift Savings account position and transitioned it 100% to the “risk off”  “CASH position”. THANK you. Avoiding a 10% loss is almost like gaining 10%?

Future me, who retires earlier than my peers thanks you also.

Brien H

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