40th Anniversary Special: Weekly Combo Annual Subscription 40% OFF!

I’ve been creating charts for 40 years and I’ve never seen anything like what’s going on now. A recent “Joe Friday” chart posed this question; Are we headed towards a depression or are the lows in the market already in place? Price action over the next year, will reveal this answer. See Joe Friday Kimble Shorts Video HERE

This is an unprecedented time, and my two main desires for my subscribers are: 1) to protect them from losses; and 2) to identify opportunities. I admit, there are better times to celebrate my anniversary, but I wanted to do something extra to help out in these unpredictable times, that’s why I came up with the 40% off.

With all the extremes in play, there are a lot of opportunities at hand. If that old saying, "crisis = opportunity" is true, then the opportunities that are presenting themselves now are massive. However, this crisis is an “animal of a different color!” Never have we seen an “invisible monster” strike so many all over the world. The effects of this have long-reaching tentacles which could remain with our society forever (or for a very long-time). With every fundamental indicator skewed, now is the time that technical analysis is the road map to a profitable future. Let us help you find your way, as charts are the answer to the next best opportunity.

Our charts will help you identify threats and opportunities. With all the volatility, and the 40-year history of providing powerful technical analysis, we are seeing a record number of subscribers from all around the world sign up.

This period will be a time of great investment opportunities. So, here’s what I’m doing to celebrate my 40th anniversary:

The Weekly Combo subscription is $134 per month. For 12 months, it is = $1608.

With this special, it is 40% off for the annual subscription.

Special 40th Anniversary Pricing: $1608 - 40% ($643.20) = $964.80. So let's round up and call it $965.

Instead of $1608, you get it for $965. You save $643. It’s like getting 5 months free.

The Weekly Combo special 40th Anniversary Annual Subscription is valid for 1-year, starting today. After 1-year, you will continue to receive the Weekly Combo Reports. Each yearly subscription will be charged to the card you provide today at the guaranteed low price of $1297/year, unless you cancel.

Today's special 40th anniversary subscription amount is $965 and is non-refundable. There is no commitment and no obligation to buy beyond this. To customize or cancel future reports, call customer service anytime at 877-721-7217, or go online anytime on the membership site, or email to [email protected]

Your Total Today:  $1608    $965

I can tell you, your service has been a lot more valuable to me and my clients than this big institutional research firm I subscribe to. My only regret is that I didn’t find you earlier. Thank you Chris.

“You are a master. I knew that a few years ago when I first saw your blog. Most are down 35%. I am down maybe 2% last night. Bravo Chris”

— Steve

I watched the video that you sent around last night and I was impressed about how valuable your technical analysis was especially in times like these. If I had been following you I would’ve been mostly in cash before this happened and it would have saved me a lot of money. I assume that there will be some time to get back in but hopefully your analysis will make that decision safer for me in the future.”

— Mark

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