Identifying Extremes to Spot Reversal & Breakout Opportunities

buy at support

Buy on Support

When assets are at support, we look to buy

sell at resistance

Sell At Resistance

We harvest to protect gains at points of resistance

short on breakdowns

Short On Breakdowns

And when the pattern presents an opportunity, we look to short

Easy To Follow Research

We look for patterns at extreme points of “exhaustion” with a high probability of reversing

Simple Isn't Simplistic

Finding the right setups can take a great deal of patience and experience. We have both.

Tops, Bottoms, No Middles

Finding patterns that are showing “true” tops or bottoms is determining when exhaustion is taking place. We use multiple tests to determine if a pattern is complete.

Our Story

Excerpts from Kimble Charting Solutions 1st Power of the Pattern Global Webinar. This workshop describes the foundation of our work at Kimble Charting Solutions.

In this video, I want to share with you ideas to help you for a lifetime and provide investable ideas to help you in the short run.”

A few topics covered in the video…

  • How the power of the pattern helps you save time in making investment decisions
  • How to reduce personal bias
  • How to tell if a major market low is close
  • How to recognize and capitalize on the four stages of a bull market
  • How to spot and capitalize on the highest probability chart patterns
  • How to take advantage of key exhaustion & key reversal points

Who We Help

My research is suitable for people managing their own individual portfolio or professionals responsible for managing client or institutional assets.

This is not an investment advisory or trading service. I’m looking for people who draw their own conclusions and make their own investment decisions. That said, I do share positions I am personally taking given the pattern and opportunity at hand.

Members will best capitalize on my research by combining it with the trading tools / methods they currently employ toward making even better decisions.

Finally, patience is key to allow opportunities to materialize. Those that are will benefit most from my research.

Chris, we have been in the thick of it! We’ve had 7 feet of snow in Boston and it’s been too cold to melt. I like snow but this is too much. I’ve really loved following your work for the last couple of years. It has helped in many ways (Interest rates & Oil especially) as I manage a few hundred million dollars for our clients. It is really nice that you take the time to respond as quickly as you do.

Thank you!

Neil S.

Chris, My deciding factor in in becoming a member was threefold:

1) A simple easy to understand approach

2) Clear information about each product and the opportunity to receive free updates to get a feel for what is offered and how it can be used

3) Results, I made profitable trades

Thanks and I look forward to learning with you


Micael Y

Chris, I am a new premium subscriber and so far my portfolio manager and I have valued your research! In particular, your XIV trades are excellent! By any chance or is there any future interest in also trying to trade the long side of the VIX through VXX, UVXY or other long VIX offering. Timed properly, the ongoing trading potential would be great!


Michael L. Vermont

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