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Challenges Faced by Many Investors & Financial Professionals

Met with a Clear – Concise – Actionable Solution

Identify with Some of These Challenges?


  • Struggle to determine quality entry and exit points
  • Struggle to identify significant market turning points
  • Need help minimizing downside risk / stop losses
  • Second-guess research and need a reliable resource for confirmation
  • Don’t always have the confidence to pull the trigger
  • Confident in your research but want a quality technician’s work to confirm or challenge conclusions
  • Need help finding extreme support and resistance levels
  • Do mostly fundamental research, but alone doesn’t assist in timely entry and exits
  • Want an objective way to make investment decisions, not based on news and opinions

How The Power of the Chart Pattern Meets These Challenges



Charts are represented by a series of price points.

Charts form patterns over time, which provide a probability for an asset’s future direction.

Patterns also give us insight into the emotions of the buyers and sellers of an asset

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A sideways “pennant” pattern (chart below), indicates indecision by investors

Pennant patterns also indicate a significant breakout will take place

In this case, go long an upside breakout of XLF

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The Solution to combat the noise of news & opinions

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Guides Your Risk Management to Minimize Loss and Protect Gains

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How Members Have Benefitted

Chris, My deciding factor in in becoming a member was threefold:

1) A simple easy to understand approach

2) Clear information about each product and the opportunity to receive free updates to get a feel for what is offered and how it can be used

3) Results, I made profitable trades

Thanks and I look forward to learning with you


Micael Y

Chris, thanks to some of your calls, I was added to Forbes list of top advisors in the US for 2017!.

What I find most important about the research is the overall macro view of many different asset classes/sectors at the same time.

So in many cases just having the confidence in a market like SPY and NDX will help someone like me to ignore all of the noise and keep a simple approach.

It really often tells a concise story and raises great technical bullet points that I can share in client meetings.

Jon G, financial advisor

Chris , Just wanted to thank you for your 2-FEB article about bumping the top of the trading range.

I read it with great interest and immediately got out of my “risk on” government Thrift Savings account position and transitioned it 100% to the “risk off”  “CASH position”. THANK you. Avoiding a 10% loss is almost like gaining 10%?

Future me, who retires earlier than my peers thanks you also.

Brien H

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