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Note:  You will be reviewing patterns that went in our favor.  Yes, we certainly have patterns that will not go in our favor and we apply risk management using stops in the 2-5% range.

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Chris, Really appreciate everything! You are a terrific teacher and clearly the guru of technical analysis, charts, and identifying major shifts that are under the radar screen of other pros!  Thank you so very much for the terrific reports lately and today’s report as well!!

Your tremendous skill and practical advice is all the more impressive and helpful during such wild times in the market. The intellectual and personal synergy of your team is truly wonderful! Can’t wait for all the good stuff that lies ahead!  I’m so happy to be a long-term subscriber!

John M, Seattle

Hello Chris, I am a new premium subscriber and so far my portfolio manager and I have valued your research! In particular, your XIV trades are excellent!

By any chance or is there any future interest in also trying to trade the long side of the VIX through VXX, UVXY or other long VIX offering. Timed properly, the ongoing trading potential would be great! Gratefully.

Michael L

Hey Chris
Thanks again for all your hard work. I would love to come out and meet you… I have been a premium member for almost a year. I have recouped my investment a 100-fold. So thank you so much for helping me, my family and my clients. I want to make sure you are happy and see if I can do anything for you.

I would like to gain greater access to you and I am interested in being a founding member of a new “premium premium” membership. Please let me know your thoughts.Thank you again and I look forward to speaking to you.

Jim W, Florida

Choose the Research that Meets Your Needs

Choose the Research that Meets Your Needs

Choose the Research that Meets Your Needs

Choose the Research that Meets Your Needs