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I have a simple goal for my investment research - help people to enlarge portfolios regardless of market direction.

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Our Daily Kimble Charting Updates are jam-packed with simple strategies designed to help you reach your portfolio goals:

If you are new to Kimble Charting Solutions, you will often see the term “Power of the Pattern”. This describes the type of research I do on a daily basis. I don’t attempt to predict what will happen or respond to news or opinions of the world. Rather, I look for chart patterns at extreme exhaustion points that have a high probability of reversing. These extremes reflect excess fear and greed of global investors and what I seek to help people capitalize upon.
Who We Help
My research is suitable for people managing their own individual portfolio or professionals responsible for managing client or institutional assets. This is not an investment advisory or trading service. I’m looking for people who draw their own conclusions and make their own investment decisions. That said, I do share positions I am personally taking given the pattern and opportunity at hand.
Improve confidence and conviction in you decision-making with your portfolio. I don’t tell people what to do but rather empower them with information to help improve confidence and conviction in their decision-making.
Simplify your decision-making. By providing research showing markets at extremes of long term resistance or support, and including bullish / bearish sentiment readings when available, I attempt to help people simplify their decision-making, reduce risk, increase confidence and improve results.
In keeping with the theme of Occam’s Razor, below shares three simple, unemotional and effective ways I help members capitalize on the Power of the Pattern. I look for opportunities to buy on support, or buy on a reversal off of support. I will harvest and/or move stops up at resistance to protect gains. And when a bear pattern forms, I may short or buy a inverse fund.
What We Do For You I am truly honored by your interest in learning how my research can help you. My strategy consists of four words: TOPS, BOTTOMS, NO MIDDLES or TBNM. I look for patterns at extremes that have a high probability for a reversal or breakout.
Empowering You to Make Better Entries & Exits. We identify chart patterns that are at extremes and give you high probability reversals & breakouts to capitalize on.

Why You Need Access To Daily Kimble Charting Updates

I watched the video that you sent around last night and I was impressed about how valuable your technical analysis was especially in times like these.

If I had been following you I would’ve been mostly in cash before this happened and it would have saved me a lot of money.

I assume that there will be some time to get back in but hopefully your analysis will make that decision safer for me in the future.

—  Mark
Having been in financial services for over 30 years, I’ve spoken with many individuals and financial professionals. The common desire that we all have, including me, is to enlarge our portfolios with the least amount of risk!

If you were caught by surprise in 2008 and suffered because losses went well beyond tolerable, you are not alone. Many still continue to find it difficult to make confident investment decisions. Why? I believe the noise from media sources, and in our own heads, plays a significant factor in making good investment decisions.

My research is intended to simplify investment decisions and increase confidence with charts that are clear as to the pattern at hand and action to take.
About the Author
“I have a simple goal for my investment research – help people to enlarge portfolios regardless of market direction.”

Chris Kimble, Founder, Kimble Charting Solutions