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Below are a few comments from members who were very kind to report their experience employing my research. We’re not for everybody but I’m committed to providing members my very best to help them.

Hi Chris! Happy New Year to you as well!  And to Rick! I just wanted to check in with you and report my trading progress for 2018!  I have started my 3rd year with KCS and I am doing well…thanks to you!

Setting a goal is one thing I did this year and I exceeded it by 42%  By far, January 2018 was my biggest month.
Keep those wonderful charts coming!  You are so clear in your explanations and backing all up with stats. Appreciate you! 

…..You do a spectacular job of demystifying financial complexity for people. You are like a jungle guide!  It is, after all, your jungle….

Brad H

Chris, thank you so much for your work, i am really happy with my subscription. i am a fundamental type but realize the importance of the chart patterns. i have come to look at your charts like works of art! i feel all my bases are covered, particularly in the bond/ interest rate arena. Thanks again!

John V. Financial Advisor

Chris & Rick

Just wanted to get back to you regarding my membership.  The material is wide in scope and deep in breathe, or exactly what I was hoping for.  As a pharmaco-epidemiologist by training, I want an unbiased brutal assessment of the markets.
Independently, I am not looking to push through trades.  Rather, my preference is to put on thoughtful positions that have a higher likelihood/probability of working.  I’d rather wait and confirm then to make costly mistakes from futile silly trades….Thus the historical, sometimes mind bending analysis of the markets was called upon. As a multi-year subscriber, I look forward to the next couple of years.
Best Regards, Sonja
Chris , Just wanted to thank you for your 2-FEB article about bumping the top of the trading range. I read it with great interest and immediately got out of my “risk on” government Thrift Savings account position and transitioned it 100% to the “risk off”  “CASH position”. THANK you. Avoiding a 10% loss is almost like gaining 10%?  Future me, who retires earlier than my peers thanks you also.
Sincerely, Brien H

Chris, thanks to some of your calls, I was added to Forbes list of top advisors in the US for 2017!.   What I find most important about the research is the overall macro view of many different asset classes/sectors at the same time.  So in many cases; just having the confidence in a market like spy and ndx will help someone like me to ignore all of the noise and keep a simple approach.   It really often tells a concise story and raises great technical bullet points that I can share in client meetings.

 Jon G, financial advisor
I subscribed to the Sector Commodity Report. who had read Chris’s work on Doug Short’s site before you were a subscription service. As a technical analyst / chartist Chris is the best out there without a doubt!!…. He is truly a master at what he does and I find it very hard and doubtful there are any better than this man to help us navigate these crazy markets
Frank O

Chris , I have been a subscriber for years, and I’m satisfied with your Power of the Pattern research. I also like the fact that you refuse to deal with matters that you consider to be “above my pay grade”.

Abe T

Chris, I came across some of your youtube videos and was very impressed, especially with your use of resistance lines to identify emotional clusters.

I learned a lot of my technical analysis from the late Paul Montgomery back in the 1980s and 90s but the cycles he taught me have not worked very well  the past few years. I have been looking for some new approaches and your work fits the bill.


Chris, we have been in the thick of it! We’ve had 7 feet of snow in Boston and it’s been too cold to melt. I like snow but this is too much. I’ve really loved following your work for the last couple of years. It has helped in many ways (Interest rates & Oil especially) as I manage a few hundred million dollars for our clients. It is really nice that you take the time to respond as quickly as you do. Thank you!
Neil S. Financial Advisor

Hello Chris, I am a new premium subscriber and so far my portfolio manager and I have valued your research! In particular, your XIV trades are excellent! By any chance or is there any future interest in also trying to trade the long side of the VIX through VXX, UVXY or other long VIX offering. Timed properly, the ongoing trading potential would be great! Gratefully.

Michael L

Chris: I decided to join because I saw your analysis on yahoo finance and later on your free blog directly and liked the uncomplicated few powerful factors, the way I had the same thoughts on those markets, that most of it is written (I’m a visual person so I prefer that to listening to videos or podcasts), reasonable price especially for this combination subscription which gives me everything I need yet not too much information.

But the last piece of the puzzle was that you’ll be giving occasional updates of the shoe box indicator – this definitely made it a complete package as I would be happy to know if anything interesting is about to happen to the long term market…..

Noam L

….Chris’s emails are great and so is your customer service by the way.  I’ve been following closely and haven’t made a trade yet based on his emails, but I’m pretty convinced about it now that I even upgraded to the annual subscription.  I need to start making some trades though and I’ll be happy to share my successes when I do.

Thanks again, Stephen S

Thank you for the update you just sent on “potential capital preservation time is here”. You really care about people. A great trait. Which is why people follow you (not just your blog or for stock technical advice).

Keep it up. Much appreciated.

Chris I’m sitting on a 16.87% gain (UGA) at the moment. The 2 hours charts are looking pretty “toppy” to me. ADX is WAY high along with just about any other indicator you want to throw at it. My absolute favorite indicator Woodies CCI on a daily chart is near the top as well… Getting nervous…. Things go down fast don’t they….. usually overnight… I’m thinking liquidate 1/2 of my position at close or before, depending…

Thanks a million for this one.


I want to take the chance to compliment You on your outstanding work Chris. I read every email you send with great interest and admiration.  Each one of your reports is a masterpiece; this is, without a doubt, the highest quality research I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Thanks for all You do. I pray that You and Your family will always live in joy and happiness as You deserve, and that whatever hardship will be brief and of no consequence.

Luca, Italy

Glad to be back with your service. You’re Professionalism, insight into the market etc., have been very important to me in the past and I am sure also in the future. My interest is purely metals that is why I have only subscribed to the metals research report.

I use several other services but your service is the the one I look to to verify the others. Keep up the outstanding work you do and thank you for keeping it on a somewhat personal level.
Tom  K


My deciding factor in in becoming a member was threefold:

1) A simple easy to understand approach       2) Clear information about each product and the opportunity to receive free updates to get a feel for what is offered and how it can be used   3) Results, I made profitable trades on Day 1

Thanks and I look forward to learning with you

Michael Young

Chris,  Keep doing what you are doing! Love the YouTube instructions. Love the increased focus on pairs trades and pairs trades suggestions. Love the info on the XIV – not even on my radar, until your comments.

Thanks for all the value added that you’re giving me!

Best regards,


Chris I am honored to become a member of KCS Triple Play…. Since I am a regular visitor of your website/blog and appreciate your work especially the visual charting format; it was a natural choice for me to become a member of KCS. I have a full time job and very limited time for checking the market so I am looking for visual and concise information that can help me to put the odds on my side with high probability trades.

Very valuable information thanks again!

Cheers Stephane

Chris is positive and encouraging.  At times – despite doing accurate, good work — my personal confidence is my worst enemy.  A small reinforcement/compliment from someone of Chris’ caliber encourages me to believe in myself and my work to proceed with an idea.

Tom, Financial Advisor

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That was one of your more amazing calls on the Swiss Franc Chris…wished I had been aggressive and went long on it but I normally don’t play currencies. Still I am sure you made a lot of currency subscribers very wealthy 🙂

Chris I LOVE the sector view, the nine tiny charts color-coded, and would be happy to get them weekly. I would prefer a different format for showing their performance for the last 3 and 6 months. Year-to-date too if there are people who find that significant this early on. The easiest to read (for me) would be vertical colored bars. It will be cool to have them weekly.

I don’t personally go for videos. If other people love them, go for it. I admire the way you keep dreaming up new ways of doing your thing. I use the sentiment extremes as chart resistance or support levels are reached the most.



Chris: I just want to let you know I am really enjoying your service! I made my first trade from your recommendations on 01-06-15 (GDX @ $19.79). I held that one for 16 days and made 18.1% return!

What I appreciate most about your service, besides the nice gains thus far, is that your recommendations also include short positions for large portions of the market. I have already made money buying an ETF short from your recommendation (SH and TBF) and that is a first for me. I am grateful that your service gives me confidence to make these short position trades because I would only be guessing and gambling on short positions in ETF’s otherwise.

So my gain thus far is almost 2% a week……Wow!, how cool would it be to make 2% every week for the rest of the year huh? I won’t hold you to that.

Thanks very much for your service!!


I’m really liking Chris’s emails. It’s nice to have a second pair of eyes looking at the markets with his unique view. I have only written him once because I am still learning how he works and how I can best employ his strategies in my portfolios. I’m starting the get the idea after my first month. His recent Shoe Box emails and his thoughts on XLE, the Russell 2000, the Nikkei, and high yield bonds have helped me better time the employment of my capital. Yes, let’s switch to an annual membership

Richard A

Chris,  Thanks to your initial identification of a large potential inverse head and shoulders on Nat Gas, I have established a nice size long position by shorting the 3x bear ETF, DGAZ.  I’m in at net $7.95 and already sporting a nice 27% gain – I am loving the potential here!

Thanks so much for all you do!  Have a great weekend!

Thanks for your personal greeting Chris.  I’m a very active and long time investor with a long history of both great success and great disappointment in the markets.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying charts and continue to rely on them heavily.  I like the way you use charts and especially your focus on possible reversal patterns.

Best, Rich B Ph.D.

Through observation Chris has helped me to redesign my charts, accurately draw lines/fib levels; as a result, I feel more self-sufficient and confident.  He also provides actionable ideas, a simple system that can be followed and executed for broad asset classes and is a sounding board for my own research.  He also shares symbols/asset classes that I am aware of, but are out of my peripherals.  The service helps bring them back into focus.

Tom, Financial Professional

Hi Chris, I am a retired investment executive who’s been trading my own account for decades.  as far as I’m concerned you are one of the two technical market analysts…. you for major tops and bottoms and important intermediate pivot points usually leading to major monster moves. I have enjoyed many profitable trades based on your insights and recommendations

Thank you
Tony F

I love Chris’ approach.   And have in about a month paid for the next 10 years or so of premium membership based on his charting.  Chris’ charts are as close to “timing” a market as it comes.

I like the comment you included, and, in fact, if I was arguing fundamentals the obsolescence of aging cars is certainly a positive fundamental trend for retail parts.   That’s what makes arguing fundamentals fun.
Last year when a high flying drug company announced it was being investigated for illegal marketing practices and the stock took a major dump…some well known hedge funds stepped in. The company had a pipeline of drugs….but perhaps a CEO that was lacking.  Because of my special knowledge in the field of medical insurance fraud, and knowing what it takes for the gov’t to announce an indictment. …I took what was a relatively small loss, at the time.  (I did not short the stock, because I saw the pipeline as a good reason for the company to be absorbed/bought out.)  Meanwhile the company has lost 90% of its value.
Chris’ latest interesting trade is long IWM…combined with a short XLF (Chris has an inverse fund) makes for an interesting long/short pair.
Sean E
Chris: just wanted to pass along some feedback to you on your blog and premium subscription posts. I paper traded your recommendations for six (wasted) months before going “live” on 1 Jan this year. Since then, my trading account is up 70.1% as of today’s close – which is to say that, thanks to you, sir, I’ve had a terrific DECADE these last 100 days or so, and the premium service has paid for itself in spades. As an aggressive investor, I use your posts to place swing trades using various option strategies and a strict selling discipline which, regrettably, I learned the hard (pronounced: “EXPENSIVE”) way… in all candor, Chris, yours is far and away the best subscription I’ve ever had in twenty-some years of active trading. The POTP rocks!Thank you again for all that you do!
Scott A. from California

If I have to sum it up, this is such powerful information you’re providing me with, it simply cannot fail to produce tangible results. 1.3 times the cost of the annual subscription paid in exactly 21 hours is no joke, and we did it without crazily risky leveraged derivatives: just a great technical setup, a good ETF, eyes on the stops, and cashed out as soon as the gains proved us right; no more no less. No need to stretch the rubber band, the next chart will bring more profits, in the meanwhile, there’s nothing as good as more cash!!!Thank you Chris, Premium Memberships beats everything out there.

Luca from Italy

Chris provides very valuable analytics and analysis on the overall trends in the stock market which have been very profitable. His work is a must read as it is simple and easy to understand and interjected with a sense of humor. I would highly recommend his services to investors.

Aejaz (Jack) Ahmed

Hey Chris
Thanks again for all your hard work. I would love to come out and meet you or would love to attend a currently scheduled meeting. Please let me know how your schedule looks in the coming days and weeks. I have been a premium member for almost a year. I have recouped my investment a 100-fold. So thank you so much for helping me, my family and my clients. I want to make sure you are happy and see if I can do anything for you. I would like to gain greater access to you and I am interested in being a founding member of a new “premium premium” membership. Please let me know your thoughts.Thank you again and I look forward to speaking to you.

Jim W. from Florida

I have been peeking at your charts for a year or more and find they are what I myself observed in the markets using technical analysis. The only problem for me was I never believed in my own work. Seeing your take is a way for me to stay rational about expectations and to get hints as to change of trends in different markets. I want to try using your charts to trade deliberately and rationally, instead of shooting from the hip when I get too busy to take a deep breath and see what the charts are saying.

Doug S

Hi Chris, keep doing what you are doing!  Love the increased focus on pairs trades and pairs trades suggestions.  Love the info on the XIV – not even on my radar, until your comments.  Thanks for all the value added that you’re giving me!
Best regards,
John L

Hi chris, I like the fact that they are short and to the point, that is all that is needed, but it is very, very helpful…and much appreciated!!!  thank you,

Robert J

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Thank you for your service, your charts and explanations have opened my eyes to longer term trends and perspectives. I have followed your posts for the last couple of months on Stocktwits and found them to be very interesting. The longer term analysis that you provide, as well as a wide range of instruments that you cover would compliment my shorter term views. Also, although I don’t personally know you, you seem to be humble and grateful in your responses to other investor, traders responses…

Leonard C

I actually signed up for your Metals monthly package last night….and want to compliment you on your long ago call that after silver peaked in the possible Eiffel Tower pattern, that it could go all the way down to 15. My thoughts we’re…NO WAY!!! This is a metal with some actual use in the world in manufacturing, etc. I periodically bought in, then sold out, numerous times from 22 and under, still not thinking that silver would ever find 15, but it did, to my utter amazement.I think you have me as a “renewed” member, only this time, for a long time.Amazing.

Rick L

All the charts contained in that Dashboard had not been shown before, at least since I’ve been a member. They were all new to me. Also, they point out the type of data that I think is very crucial. All of the charts you present satisfy a need that must be seen. When you present charts on a regular basis, that’s what I expect, since I want to see what’s happening from week to week or month to month as this information is very critical when I buy/sell certain securities. IMO what you deliver is what I want and need. Every chart that you post serves a purpose for me. I’ve not been disappointed by any chart you have posted yet. I know the reasoning why you post it, it’s important! You and I understand why you post charts or issue B/S recs based on certain criteria or criterion. Everything is cut and dried and the R/R ratio is always in line presenting us with very good upside accompanied with very low risk! What more can someone ask for? Keep on walking down your path, you chose the right path.

Harold K

Chris, After reading your blog for the past 2 years I thought it was time to take advantage of the Triple Play. Your blog is a must read for me every day! I want to use it to increase my account no matter the direction of the market.I am reaching retirement age and find myself with not having put away enough to secure a nice retirement. I want to use the service to help safeguard what we have put away and also to grow it.After getting to know you and your research I know TPOP will help me in what I want to achieve.Thanks,
Mark H

Even before I became a subscriber to the Triple Play, the Kimble Charting Solutions blog has been, and will continue to be, the first website I read every morning (for about the last year). I have been following Chris for a while and all his calls seem so prescient (clear-sighted / far seeing) He has such a great handle on the top down look at markets…I use Chris’s services to alert me to important trends and ideas. I then go and do research for myself. I look to see if the ideas Chris presents comport with my trading style and if everything lines up I take a trade.Chris provides just another layer of confirmation that the odds will be on my side. For example, with GDX, Chris showed a chart where GDX was breaking out of a falling wedge and could bounce in the short term; now I got into the trade about a week after Chris initially mentioned it, but thanks to him it was on my watchlist and when it set-up for my liking I took a short-term, out-of-the-money call-spread trade that ended up making more than 100% in about 4 days (fortunately I got out yesterday when it was closing for the second day above the upper Bollinger Band).

I really like Chris’s TBNMs approach because as a swing trader I feel comfortable with the low-risk entries Chris highlights….After Chris made the Apple “double-bottom” call on Stock Twits on that Friday I literally left work to go home, check that I liked the setup with my other technical indicators, and make the trade. In about 10 days I had a 400+% return using an out-of-the-money call spread and as soon as I closed the position. I signed up for the Triple Play. The membership has already paid for itself and I expect it will continue to do so!

Marc W.

…The best value I can get from Kimble Charting is that I am able to validate my own analysis with a professional’s opinion. Thus, it not only guides me to trade, but also helps improve my analysis skill. I used to do a lot of day trading, which was too stressful. But now I start to calm down and do more swing trades with a lot more confidence and less stress.And thanks for all the timely communications, that I truly appreciate. You have a wonderful weekend.


Hi Chris -….I really liked how clear the charts were and the questions that you posed as ‘food for thought’. I thought it was a really clear and compelling way of looking at things. So, I signed up for email alerts and just kinda followed along for a while.

In parallel, I had been subscribing to (firm removed). The information was great and I learned a lot in the member chat room, but I found it was becoming a bit of a time drain and I didn’t really like how fluid the counts could be. Most importantly, the information wasn’t helping my trading, it was hurting it.

…your Triple Play research provides a lot of great information a couple times per week, which should work well for me personally (trading is NOT my day job). I also like how you provide specific positions now and then. I think that really helps people like me. I’m all about evaluating and making my own decisions, but it’s nice to know where you’re at with things, too.

Finally, your specific calls related to GDX and XIV were great. I follow both myself, and seeing how you broke down the charts into action was great. I wanted to be a part of that insight.

At some point I’ll likely ask you about premium membership. I thought it best to start with the triple play but I have to admit that there are aspects of the stock market (sentiment, correlations, etc.) that fascinate me. It’s essentially one of my favorite hobbies, and I like making a buck or two as well!


Mike P

This is an unbelievably good fit. I did a quick run-through of everything you’ve sent me and can’t believe how my own investments are aligned with the Kimble opinions and positions. Right down to selling half my GDX and getting stopped out of the other half! I’ve been laughing with delight. And there are lots of things I wish I’d thought of. Now I will!


Hi Chris,

Very happy to be on board!  I have followed you on stocktwits for some time now and really do appreciate your long term views and outlooks on markets. I chose to subscribe to metals as I trade mostly on the Australian stock exchange and some US Stocks. As we are a resource economy primarily, metals provide me good leverage for gains. After reading the latest reports I am very happy with my decision as it is just what I am after to help improve my knowledge, remove emotion and maximise gains.

Thank you very much for the service you provide.  All the best,

Matt C

Hello Chris,  I joined because I have long followed your blog and loved the visual symbols and creative messaging.
I also saw your LINKEDIN reach out and thought the profile emanated integrity.

Look forward to seeing how this service goes.

Best! Champika

Been long gold and silver miners for several weeks based on your technical analysis and My own use of MACD divergences in multiple time frames. Purchased QQQ 88.50 PUTS before the close yesterday and up 200%+ so far today. Your technical analysis is helping me find ‘conviction’ in my own MACD options trading. This has been a great learning experience the last six months. I only have one goal right now and that is to retire by the time my great granddaughter is born in March. Everybody has told me I will never be successful trading options. But I can see now my success is coming from my own trading style, and so it is.Chris, thank you for your approach to technical analysis.

Craig R.

Positive feedback today….on two small trades that I would not have normally made but did based on Chris’s research. I have essentially paid for a year’s subscription. Notable long SLV and short Nikkei (EWV) are the trades referred to. Can you please tell me what I would pay to upgrade my monthly charges to an annual subscription.Thanks

Doug N.

Proud to say I saw you as “the next coming” before the crowd did. Or is starting to. Or will. I have cruised technical analysis for half a century……I was pals with one of the great tape readers of all time….point made.

Dick R

Chris’s research is easy to read. His quick summary with pointers are helpful. I can review the weekly email in less than 10 minutes.He provides us a useful tool to build conviction on potential market movements.

Chris’ thoughts, pointers, and warnings are very useful to assist me with analysis for my clients.

Erik J, financial advisor

CHRIS: Until I came across your service(s), I thought I had seen them all, but yours it DIFFERENT….especially important to me is the time frames some of your comments and charts are referring too….keep of the good work and I look forward to future emails.
Thanks, Kim A

Chris: I still own DDD. And now it’s up about 20% from where I purchased it. Should I continue to hold or is it time to sell?

Thanks. Michael R

Hi there Chris, I like how you decide where to enter the market .I am a big fan of point and figure as well as Bullish percents and market sector rotation as well institutional decisions .I also trust your charts. And I like your calls. I have been trading seriously since 84.  And a student since 1966.
Thank You For Your Excellent Work. I know great when I see it .
Sincerely, Laurel 
Greetings, Chris,
..Thanks as always for everything. I’m so thrilled that I held onto ILMN and VRX spring options. Wow! And you are an excellent model of discipline — I am going to harvest just as you are doing!Thanks to you, I will pay down my wife’s new car significantly sooner than I would have without Kimble charting solutions!John M
First of all, I appreciate Chris and your excellent service.
Based on Chris’s Shanghai and Hong Kong index break out analysis, I bought ASHR call on early of April and sold on end of April, it was triple.  And based on Chris’s commodity analysis – May is a good month for Natural Gas, so I bought UNG middle term (July 2015) and long term (Jan 2017) call, now it is 30% gain, I will keep it until end of May.  This would not happen without Chris and your great guidance.
Thank you very much for your time!
Tom L

Whoa….far out…great stuff. Many thanks Rick.

In honor of all the work you guys are putting in, I thought at minimum I should key in some of your data, crunch some numbers, add some VERY rough estimation/simulation to your results .pdf and see how it all stacks up to my live trading record.

Congrats to Chris….very smooth curve (refer attached)….I had a very exasperating Q3 and Q4 last year…and Q3 this year was no bed of roses either!! (refer attached).  ….and that’s with me running quite precise re-balancing on a weekly basis…..Chris’ stuff looks good – I appreciate the transparency.

Cheers, Donald

Hi Rick,
Yesssssss, I’d like to convert to annual! Please  do it for me.  And I couldn’t thanks you guys more for the insight.
I come from Hong Kong and used to invest in HK and China H share listed here, but I decided to leave this stupidly rigged market last month.  It’s not just about money, it’s about the freedom of expressing one’s opinion with their money in the market.
So now I’m a happy investor.
Thanks Cheung
Rick.  Interesting times in the market.  Chris has been very on point with his focus on the financials.  His assertion that it would likely take a breakout in that sector to lead the overall market higher has played out.  Good stuff
Matt L
Chris- I became familiar with your work from reading Stocktwits.  I found your work impressive and a plug or two from Howard Lindzon didn’t hurt.  I look forward to reading your research.
Thanks, Scott B

WOW! Working saturday and personally responding. I subscribe to a number of investment services in order to get a wide variety of ideas and then using those ideas to narrow down and solidify the investments I make. In saying “somewhat personal” I am referring to the fact that both you and Chris take your valuable time to personally keep in touch with your clients, every other service/news letter etc., that I have subscribed to has “customer service” departments that in many cases are less than educated.

Your service is definitely 5 star and much more accurate than any of the other services I use (both short term and long term).
Tom K

Chris,  I have been following your work for over two years, and corresponded with you previously about KCS services.  I want to take advantage of your analysis for the risk / reward opportunities that you identify, and to see the trend analysis and potential turning points.

I have been meaning to subscribe for some time, but was hesitant as I already pay an advisor for managing assets. I need another perspective based on technical analysis and not just the advisor company positions. Look forward to your reports each week.

Armistead A

I have just renewed my membership. I am very happy with Kimble Charting Solutions Services not just because of your great technical knowledge but also because of the human aspect of the service. I can feel the respect and consideration that all your team have with the clients.
Best regards, Eduardo Q

Kimble Charting Solutions provides excellent technical analysis. Of particular value are the long-term views (rare these days) and the relationships between markets. For an excellent example, see the “Metals” report of September 23. Chris’ trade recommendations have a solid success rate and are worthy of consideration. Highly recommended!

Chris: Use, lose, or edit as you wish.
Best, Jim B
Hi Chris, First of all, I’d like to thank you for your financial insight, I’ve made myself some pocket change by using XIV and USO this week. I’d like to upgrade to Premium membership, but I’m already a Triple Play Member, is there any upgrade mechanism that could save me a few buck as the materials will be duplicated? Just let me know, thanks again!
Cheers, William C
Hi Rick
I am so grateful for your speedy and professional suggestion!
The Kimble charting services is the best I have ever have in my life time.
I had ever booked to Jim Cramer’s service, that was a mess.
I made Nature Gas UNG trade with 70% profit with buying UNG options according to Chris’s suggestion in middle of May.
Warmest Regards,
Tom L

Hi Chris,

This article is why I will keep a permanent subscription to your service.  The entire industry was blindsided by the recent currency moves and it was something you were warning about for months.  We carry a very big short exposure (via an overweight to international equities) to the US dollar and are really glad we stayed the course after a disastrous 4th quarter.  Thanks for your work.

Thanks, Christopher Y, CIMA

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