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Short & Long-Term Conditions Following Recent Historic Decline

The Coronavirus is having a historic impact on the stock market. But there is a virus going on in the market that is much bigger than the Coronavirus. And this virus can potentially hurt a lot more people and hardly anybody is aware of this.

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Chris Kimble, Founder of Kimble Charting Solutions

My name is Chris Kimble, I’ve been creating charts for the last 40 years and I’ve never seen anything like what is going on now. You see, charts have been telling a story that few people are aware of. This story helped investors avoid amputations in the market while positioning them for some of the greatest gains we have seen in a long time.

Earlier this year before the Coronavirus broke out and became pandemic, I noticed something that wasn’t sitting right. Something smelled fishy. Something was wrong in the market.

I put together a Special Private Briefing for my members to alert them loud and clear of what was going on and what all the indicators were pointing to. They were able to make timely adjustments to their portfolios and avoided massive losses and instead made sizeable gains.

I feel like I need to share this information from this Special Private Briefing and so I’m making it available to all investors, and more importantly, to you.

It’s like us sitting down over a cup of coffee and me sharing with you a story that charts have been telling that few people are aware of. These charts, this story, can save you massive losses and position you for incredible gains.

Here’s some of what is covered in this Special Private Briefing now available to you:

  • How charts predicted the market drop BEFORE it happened . . . and this was before the Coronavirus broke out
    • How three specific charts predicted that the market would drop 10% and more. Learn what these charts are and the story that they are now telling.
    • S&P500 had the sharpest correction in history – this should not have been a surprise if you were following the key leading-edge charts. Our members were protected – what do they know that you don’t, and what charts are they looking at that you aren’t?
    • The Gravestone Doji Panic Pattern – If you are a lifetime bull, this is the mother of all patterns that you don’t want to see, ever. There is not a greater nightmare pattern than what is going on. It doesn’t mean it will materialize, but you should be aware of this. If it reverses, then it is the mother of all patterns to buy
    • The long term trend is still intact but I’ll show you where it is vulnerable
  • What are the charts telling about what is getting ready to happen

The head of the largest brokerage firm in the world reached out and said that “because of our research, because of these charts, they kept us from making serious mistakes”

This applies whether you are a bull or a bear. Be protected. Be positioned. Learn what the general public doesn’t know.

My mentor and good friend, Sir John Templeton was most excited when there was a lot of fear and uncertainty and the market was going through massive change. He knew it was an opportunity to back up the truck. He protected his assets and created a lot of wealth. He knew the story of what the charts were saying.

The charts are loudly whispering for all those that want to hear. Don’t unnecessarily overexpose yourself. Don’t miss the opportunities that are forming.

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“ Chris, thanks to some of your calls, I was added to Forbes list of top advisors in the US for 2017! What I find most important about the research is the overall macro view of many different asset classes/sectors at the same time. So in many cases; just having the confidence in a market like SPY and NDX will help someone like me to ignore all of the noise and keep a simple approach. It really often tells a concise story and raises great technical bullet points that I can share in client meetings.”
Jon G. Financial Advisor
“If I have to sum it up, this is such powerful information you’re providing me with, it simply cannot fail to produce tangible results. 1.3 times the cost of the annual (Premium) subscription….no joke…. Just a great technical setup, a good ETF, eyes on the stops, and cashed out as soon as the gains proved us right; no more no less. No need to stretch the rubber band, the next chart will bring more profits, in the meanwhile, there’s nothing as good as more cash!!!Thank you Chris, Premium Memberships beats everything out there.”
Luca S. Italy
“ Chris, I decided to join because I saw your analyses on yahoo finance and later on your free blog directly and liked the uncomplicated few powerful factors, the way I had the same thoughts on those markets, that most of it is written.”
Noam L.

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