Sector-Commodity Report

sector commodity sentiment extremes

Sector-Commodity Report

This is an excellent solution for people looking for opportunities to capitalize on breakouts and key reversals in both sectors and commodities

Sector Commodity Sentiment Extremes

We identify Opportunities in Sectors & Commodities with Extremes 

in the Chart Pattern & Sentiment Readings when available


The Sector-Commodity Report applies the “Power of the Pattern” analysis looks to help you capitalize on opportunities at key reversal & breakout points in U.S. sectors and commodities.  (We also look for extremes in sentiment data when available)



  • Weekly report sharing a summary of current patterns and potential opportunities in sectors and commodities
  • Real time trade alerts that include the asset’s chart, action to take and initial stop
  • Updates on stops and alerts to take profits at resistance are included
  • Sentiment analysis (where available) to show extremes / excesses in optimism and pessimism
  • I will share alerts to buy right on support or wait until a break of longer term channels or overhead falling resistance lines


Chris: I just want to let you know I am really enjoying your service! I made my first trade from your recommendations on 01-06-15 (GDX @ $19.79). I held that one for 16 days and made 18.1% return! What I appreciate most about your service, besides the nice gains thus far, is that your recommendations also include short positions for large portions of the market. I have already made money buying an ETF short from your recommendation (SH and TBF) and that is a first for me. I am grateful that your service gives me confidence to make these short position trades because I would only be guessing and gambling on short positions in ETF’s otherwise….

Thanks very much for your service!! Tony

This is an unbelievably good fit. I did a quick run-through of everything you’ve sent me and can’t believe how my own investments are aligned with the Kimble opinions and positions. Right down to selling half my GDX and getting stopped out of the other half! I’ve been laughing with delight. And there are lots of things I wish I’d thought of. Now I will!

Lorna B

Chris provides very valuable analytics and analysis on the overall trends in the stock market which have been very profitable. His work is a must read as it is simple and easy to understand and interjected with a sense of humor. I would highly recommend his services to investors.

Aejaz (Jack) Ahmed

Members also receive a position summary report weekly

I look forward to helping you capitalize on the Power of the Pattern

Chris Kimble

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