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Global Dashboard



sector commodity sentiment extremes

Sector Commodity Sentiment Extremes

Get big picture pattern research on nine major global assets, continuous

coverage of the metals markets and pattern analysis and trade

opportunities in several commodities and sectors.

Save $600+ when you combine all three weekly research products

Included In This Package

Global Dashboard

This is an excellent weekly report for individuals and financial professionals looking for long term pattern analysis on key global assets, and want or need to limit portfolio adjustments throughout the year.


This is an excellent solution for people who want weekly analysis that identifies reversals and break outs for long term positioning or short term trade opportunities specifically focused on the metals.

Sector Commodity Sentiment Extremes

This research is designed for those who need weekly chart pattern analysis that identifies key reversals and breakouts for long term positioning or short term trade opportunities in both U.S. Sectors & Commodities.

Chris I am honored to become a member of KCS Triple Play (now Weekly Combo)…. Since I am a regular visitor of your website/blog and appreciate your work especially the visual charting format; it was a natural choice for me to become a member of KCS.

I have a full time job and very limited time for checking the market so I am looking for visual and concise information that can help me to put the odds on my side with high probability trades.

Very valuable information thanks again!


Even before I became a subscriber to the Weekly Combo, the Kimble Charting Solutions blog has been, and will continue to be, the first website I read every morning (for about the last year). I have been following Chris for a while and all his calls seem so clear-sighted / far seeing.  He has such a great handle on the top down look at markets…

I use Chris’s services to alert me to important trends and ideas. I then go and do research for myself. I look to see if the ideas Chris presents comport with my trading style and if everything lines up I take a trade.Chris provides just another layer of confirmation that the odds will be on my side.

The membership has already paid for itself and I expect it will continue to do so!

Marc W.

I have just renewed my membership. I am very happy with Kimble Charting Solutions Services not just because of your great technical knowledge but also because of the human aspect of the service.
I can feel the respect and consideration that all your team have with the clients.
Eduardo Q

All Our Weekly Research At A Substantial Discount

Weekly Combo Research Includes:  Global Dashboard, Metals, and Sector / Commodity Extremes

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