Yesterday I ran this post, per the Best September in 70 years and CNBC’s four reasons why.  Later in the day I came across this table from Bespoke Investment Group in this post.

How does that saying go….Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money  and Pigs get?  We are going to “HARVEST” this good month….See below per why!

500 index is facing short and long-term resistance right now and the Euro/Yen finds itself at the top of a falling channel. 

Bought the 500 index at (1) and due to these conditions we are going to harvest at (2).  For those looking to score on defense, in this post we suggested to pick up the inverse Russell ETF (RWM) two days ago, which got off to a decent start with over a 1% gain yesterday.

 For those looking to score on defense, do so with a 4% overhead stop.  I will say this…if line (3) is broken to the upside we will follow!!!

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