The Beatles did pretty well with their song “We’ve got a ticket to ride!”   Was one of their “breakout” songs in 1965.  Part of the lyrics…”the girl that is driving me mad is going away!” 

Speaking of breakouts and going away… The 500 index and the yield on the 10-Year note, are breaking out from falling resistance… AT THE SAME TIME and pushing away!

Suggested to go long stocks and to short bonds at (1).  This breakout is a real plus for these positions.  With the breakout taking place and gains in both the S&P and Inverse bond ETF (TBF), now use a break of line (2) as your sell stop.

In the last line of this post, I shared…”the ingredients are there for an upside move that will surprise many!” At that time of the purchase only  20% of investors were bullish stocks and over 90% were bullish bonds!

Have your ticket to ride?  With this breakout, odds favor higher prices still.

How The Recent Decline In Stocks Looks "Eerily" Like Major Bear Markets Of The Past