Patterns treated us to another good week…  Last Sunday evening the patterns suggested to Long Stocks (see this post) and to Harvest/Short Bonds (see this post)

 The herd was extremely bearish equities, reflected in the AAII (American Association of Individual Investors) data… with only 20% bulls, the lowest number of bulls since the March 2009 lows.  Support was at hand along with a series of downside wicks, plus a bullish falling wedge.

The Results of following the Power of the Pattern…. More “Pocket Change!”

The 500 index gained over 3.7%, Chile remained hot with a gain of over 4.2% (gaining over 13% since the purchase on 8/16)  and TLT (20-year bond ETF) lost over 1%.

The biggest gainer of the week was our position in XHB (home builder ETF), which made over 5.5%  and is up over 8.5% in 6 business days, since suggesting to buy it in this post.

Thanks to all for your viewership, quality email/input and kind words per how the trades are working out. 

For more pattern updates and opportunities….stay tuned. 


P.S.  For those celebrating….Happy Labor Day

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