One month ago today, I suggested to “Harvest Gains” in Chile (see post here) after a quick 10% gain, YET ON THE SAME DAY I SUGGESTED TO¬†“Buy Emerging Markets (EEM) and Brazil (EWZ)…(see post here).¬†

Did anyone think……What¬†the heck? Why would he¬†suggest to do that? ¬†Was Chile broke?¬†¬†If Emerging markets and Brazil look good, won’t Chile do well too?¬†

It’s all about the “Power of the Pattern” and looking for RELATIVE STRENGTH!!!¬† Below is a 30-day performance comparison of Chile, Emerging markets, Brazil and Turkey (see post here).

Are all Emerging markets ETF’s performance the same?¬† The chart above speaks for itself.

Why have I suggested on numerous cases to¬†BUY SILVER¬†OVER GOLD?¬†(see post here)¬† Something wrong with Gold?¬† Not at all… I favored Silver over gold due to the “Power of the Pattern!”¬† Has gold done well of late?¬†

¬†In the past month Gold ETF (GLD) is up 8% and Silver ETF (SLV) is up over 16%.¬† That is a DOUBLE in performance…TRUE RELATIVE STRENGTH!

Have received numerous emails today per why did I suggest to buy the Nasdaq 100 (see post here) over the S&P 500?  Nothing more than I see better opportunities and relative strength in the NDX.

Why own Oil Driller (OIH) over Energy ETF (XLE)…(see post here) same thing.¬† Better “patterns” were at hand, which more often will lead to greater relative strength gains.

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