The rally in the Euro/Yen has truly been impressive over the past 5 weeks, helping to push commodities and stocks higher.  The first of September I felt that the pattern in the Euro/Yen was the key to pushing stocks higher  (see post here).  Following the Euro/Yen breakout, the typical soft September was anything but soft, with the 500 index having a great month, up over 8%.

Now the Euro/Yen pattern looks almost the exact opposite, per getting closer to the top of its falling channel and creating a bearish wedge of late.  Also keep in mind that “” reported a couple of weeks ago only 5% dollar bulls!    IF the pattern message in the Euro/Yen is correct, the dollar rallies and causes a few frustrations!!!

The pattern in the Euro/Yen reflects another reason to pull UP STOPS in Commodity and International positions RIGHT NOW!

How The Recent Decline In Stocks Looks "Eerily" Like Major Bear Markets Of The Past