August was ugly for the stock market, as the S&P 500 declined around 9%.  Wow what a difference a month makes!  September is in the books and we all know the headlines…”Best September in 70 years!!!”  If you have been a viewer of this blog, you know September was a great month for us as we started the month suggesting to “go long stocks” due to the pattern in Euro/Yen.   I suggested a “GAME CHANGING EVENT” was about to take place, due to the chart below.  (see post)  

Of late we harvested, protecting the gains for the month, as the 500 reached strong resistance. Power of the Pattern helped us capture over 95% of the best September in 70 years…. This morning I wanted to update how the Euro/Yen is doing a month later.

Euro/Yen is attempting a breakout, which should pull stocks higher!!!  Have shared in many posts, that we will buy a breakout….stay tuned!!! 

On a side note…. Posted this week to  “NOT FEAR THE TECHS” due to a low NDX/VXN spread  (see post)  This low fear spread could help push the NDX past resistance!

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