In the hit TV show “Laugh In”¬† the host Rowan and Martin would give away the “fickle finger of fate” award.¬† This award crossed my mind as I looked back over the past 5 months, to¬†the first of June.

At that time…The Euro was tanking,¬†PIGS countries (see PIGS info)¬†¬†were going to bring the world down,¬† Greece had massive ¬†troubles,¬†rumors of the Euro splitting apart became popular,¬† U.S. Dollar was the “safe haven” currency, hitting multi-month highs and the TALK OF DEFLATION, was all over the media!¬† ¬†¬†Can you believe that was just¬†5 months ago!!!¬†¬†¬† Do you recall how you FELT at the time?

¬†I suggested at that time, we were at “EXTREMES” and it was time to “Short the Dollar and Long the Euro!”¬† (see post here)¬†¬† Shortly after the Extreme posting, I did a post, per writing a letter to Santa, asking him for “INFLATON!”¬†¬†¬† Why ask Santa for inflation?¬† We needed some because the economy was looking very soft at the time and commodities (base metals/copper/grains) ¬†were heading south rapidly!!! I created a¬†chart showing how rates were falling and so were base metals!¬†(see DEAR SANTA here) .¬†¬†

What a shift in the past 5 months…The Euro didn’t disappear, actually it has rallied, Dollar isn’t a safe¬†haven at the moment as it has declined over 15% and a base metals ETF (DBB) is up almost 20%!¬†


¬†Do we live in “fickle times” or are “investors fickle” in that they have a hard time “Spotting Extremes” in the markets? Is the world really that different today, ¬†than it was 5 months ago?¬† I doubt it….I do believe that today is very similar to 5 months ago though….in that “Extremes” are back in place and¬†opportunities are at hand!

How The Recent Decline In Stocks Looks "Eerily" Like Major Bear Markets Of The Past