On July the 15th I shared in the chart below (see post here) that high yields had created a series of higher lows, reflecting relative strength, yet the 500 had created a series of lower lows.¬†As¬†I shared in that post, the relative strength message of the high yields were……. higher stock prices were ahead!¬†

The fundamental news and the media seem to share daily how bad things are!¬† Yet the combination of the High Yields, the positive action of the Euro/Yen, plus the “Power of the Pattern” were all price/pattern reasons that I went long the first of September (see post here) ¬†and was able to capture 95% of one of the best September’s in decades.¬†

A gentlemen on CNBC said you have a choice… “You can attempt to be right in your opinions or make money?”¬† I¬†am working hard, using¬† the “Power of the Pattern” ¬†and my 30-years in this business, to “inflate investors portfolios, regardless of market direction!”¬†¬†I won’t always be able to meet this goal, (one-third of the time I will be wrong)¬†yet it won’t be for lack of hard work!

Poster Source; Despair.com

The above poster is a favorite of mine… reminding me that “predicting the economy” can be difficult¬†from time to time¬†and what truly matters is being on the “right side of the price action!” More often than not, this¬†is the key to increasing¬†portfolio values.¬†¬†¬†¬†

The current message of the High Yield funds…¬† Remains a positive one!

Since the first of March on¬†www.dshort.com¬†and this blog, I have¬†shared…..a “message of price action and the Power of the Pattern” and left the economic predictions to others. I will continue to do my best to hear the messages of price action and deliver them to you, without being¬† Bullish or Bearish (see post here).

Welcome to all of the new viewers.  The rapid pace of global growth of this blog remains a very humbling experience.  Many of you share that my blog has become a part of your daily routine.  Please know I am honored to have so many of you as daily readers and that I appreciate becoming a part of your daily life! 

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