On July the 15th I shared in the chart below (see post here) that high yields had created a series of higher lows, reflecting relative strength, yet the 500 had created a series of lower lows. As I shared in that post, the relative strength message of the high yields were……. higher stock prices were ahead! 

The fundamental news and the media seem to share daily how bad things are!  Yet the combination of the High Yields, the positive action of the Euro/Yen, plus the “Power of the Pattern” were all price/pattern reasons that I went long the first of September (see post here)  and was able to capture 95% of one of the best September’s in decades

A gentlemen on CNBC said you have a choice… “You can attempt to be right in your opinions or make money?”  I am working hard, using  the “Power of the Pattern”  and my 30-years in this business, to “inflate investors portfolios, regardless of market direction!”  I won’t always be able to meet this goal, (one-third of the time I will be wrong) yet it won’t be for lack of hard work!

Poster Source; Despair.com

The above poster is a favorite of mine… reminding me that “predicting the economy” can be difficult from time to time and what truly matters is being on the “right side of the price action!” More often than not, this is the key to increasing portfolio values.    

The current message of the High Yield funds…  Remains a positive one!

Since the first of March on www.dshort.com and this blog, I have shared…..a “message of price action and the Power of the Pattern” and left the economic predictions to others. I will continue to do my best to hear the messages of price action and deliver them to you, without being  Bullish or Bearish (see post here).

Welcome to all of the new viewers.  The rapid pace of global growth of this blog remains a very humbling experience.  Many of you share that my blog has become a part of your daily routine.  Please know I am honored to have so many of you as daily readers and that I appreciate becoming a part of your daily life! 

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