Are you late to the party, per buying inverse bond ETF’s?  Pattern would say , NO! 

 I have received a few emails from viewers, feeling like they missed out,  by not buying the inverse bond ETF (TBF).   Two weeks ago I ran a couple of posts, reflecting that interest rates were on LONG-TERM SUPPORT and had created BULLISH FALLING WEDGES (per yields)  (see 30-year post)       (see 5-year post)

Below is an update on the yield opportunity that is at hand in the 10-year note…  



Below is the VERY FIRST chart  dshort posted of my work. Thank you Doug!  Appreciate and am humbled that you saw something of value in my work. 

The chart reflected that yields were UP AGAINST RESISTANCE/PRICES WERE ON KEY SUPPORT of a 17-year falling channel and that investors should BUY BONDS at yield resistance.  (see post here) 



 Did I know yields would collapse and Bond prices would increase by more than 15% in the following months?  NO!  Did I have faith in the “Power of the Pattern” and that a great opportunity was at hand ?  YES!!!

 Just an opinion based upon the “Power of the Pattern”…..Investors that would like to take advantage of owning a inverse bond etf…. it is not too late!   Another good opportunity is at hand, AGAIN!



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