Anytime I HARVEST (sell) positions for a gain, I refer to them as “Pocket Change Gains.”   Using a baseball analogy, I am NOT looking to hitting HOME RUNS with positions, just attempting to hit SINGLES.  Hit enough of them, they all start adding up, creating more “Pocket Change” for investors.  If gains of 4-5% in a couple of weeks or 7-10% in a month takes place and resistance or Fibonacci happens to be at play, I pick the fruit,  HARVESTING positions. 

Suggested to Harvest positions early in the day on Tuesday, 10/19  at 10:04 A.M.  (see post here)

Emerging Markets  (EEM)… Pocket Change Gain of 4.93%   Purchased on 9/13  (see post here)

Brazil  (EWZ)…………………..Pocket Change Gain of 9.02%   Purchased on 9/13  (see post here)

Thailand  (THD)………………Pocket Change Gain of  1.6%     Purchased on 9/28   (see post here)

Colombia  (GXG)……………..Pocket Change Gain of  4.89%   Purchased on 9/28  (see post here)

Turkey  (TUR)……………….. Pocket Change Gain of   7.12%   Purchased on  9/28  (see post here)

Am I a “BULL, BEAR or Neither?”   NEITHER!!!  For those that are new or might have missed it, see this post for a few thoughts on how I look at being Bullish or Bearish.  (see post here)   I am striving to provide “SOLUTIONS” for investors, for the unique times we live in.  You WILL NOT see here, long articles discussing the problems the U. S. or the globe faces.  Everyday, I am working to provide research that will assist viewers towards “inflating  portfolios, regardless of market direction.” 

Please understand that when I harvest a position up against resistance or a Fibonacci level, I am not bearish on that asset.  Just harvesting with the goal of creating more “Pocket Change, via the Power of the Pattern!”  If I harvest up against resistance and then resistance is broken will I repurchase the same asset?  FOR SURE!

See “Pocket Change” tab in the archives for prior positions I have “HARVESTED!”   (see tab here)   More Pocket Change gains to post!!!

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