Anytime I¬†HARVEST (sell) positions for a gain, I refer to them as “Pocket Change Gains.”¬†¬† Using a baseball analogy, I¬†am NOT looking to hitting HOME RUNS with positions, just attempting to hit¬†SINGLES.¬†¬†Hit enough of them, they all start adding up, creating more “Pocket Change” for investors.¬† If gains of 4-5% in a couple of weeks or 7-10% in a month takes place and resistance or Fibonacci happens to be at play, I pick the fruit,¬† HARVESTING positions.¬†

Suggested to Harvest positions early in the day on Tuesday, 10/19  at 10:04 A.M.  (see post here)

Emerging Markets¬† (EEM)… Pocket Change Gain of 4.93%¬†¬† Purchased on 9/13¬† (see post here)

Brazil¬† (EWZ)…………………..Pocket Change Gain of 9.02%¬†¬† Purchased on 9/13¬† (see post here)

Thailand¬† (THD)………………Pocket Change Gain of¬† 1.6%¬†¬†¬†¬† Purchased on 9/28¬†¬† (see post here)

Colombia¬† (GXG)……………..Pocket Change Gain of¬† 4.89%¬†¬† Purchased on 9/28¬† (see post here)

Turkey¬† (TUR)……………….. Pocket Change Gain of¬†¬† 7.12%¬†¬† Purchased on¬† 9/28¬† (see post here)

Am I a “BULL, BEAR or Neither?”¬†¬†¬†NEITHER!!!¬† For those that are new or might have missed it, see this post for a few thoughts on how I look at being Bullish or Bearish.¬† (see post here)¬†¬† I am striving to provide “SOLUTIONS” for investors,¬†for the unique times we live in.¬† You WILL NOT see here, long articles discussing the problems the U. S. or the globe faces.¬† Everyday, I am working to provide¬†research that will assist viewers towards “inflating¬† portfolios, regardless of market direction.”¬†

Please understand that when I harvest a position up against resistance or a Fibonacci level, I am not bearish on that asset.¬† Just harvesting with the goal of creating more “Pocket Change, via the Power of the Pattern!”¬† If I harvest up against resistance and then resistance is broken will I repurchase the same asset?¬† FOR SURE!

See “Pocket Change” tab in the archives for prior positions I have “HARVESTED!”¬†¬† (see tab here)¬†¬† More Pocket Change gains to post!!!

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