First off….I wanted to say Thank You toYOU, the viewers of this blog.  I appreciate how many of you have shared this site with family, friends and co-workers.  I remain honored and humbled by the global viewership.

I receive tons of quality emails, often I am ask…. what are a couple of my main “investment beliefs/strategies.”  Thought I would share a couple of my main thoughts that have helped me over the past 30 years.

1)  PLANT A SEED FOR GROWTH,  DUE TO A STRATEGY…. yet don’t expect it to turn into a world record pumpkin

 My strategy uses the “Power of the Pattern” to find quality price/entry points.  The day I plant the seed, I also have ANOTHER PLAN….TO HARVEST!   A strategy/plan to harvest if the position doesn’t work out and a strategy/plan to harvest at certain resistance points in the future.  When a fruit or vegetable becomes ripe, what do you usually do?   Some people, like the lady above can grow world record sized crops… I am not attempting to do that! 

Some attempt to “Buy, Hold & Hope!”   My strategy…Find a good entry point and “Harvest” at resistance.


Often, it seems due to an opinion or fundamental report, investors seem to want to FIGHT THE  PRICE TREND or PRICE ACTION! 

Some watch a rally and say it “shouldn’t be happening due to X, Y or Z”  and some watch an asset that they own continue to fall in price and say “it will find a bottom soon or I will sell it when it gets back to my entry point!”

My strategy is to RIDE THE PRICE TREND in the direction it is going, without creating a laundry list per ”WHY” a particular price action is taking place!   I don’t want to be right about an opinion, I want to make money…

Thank you for letting me share my passion with you on a daily basis.  I will continue to look around the globe on a daily basis to find patterns that can help us towards “inflating our portfolios, regardless of market direction!”

All the best to you,  Chris

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