Due to the “Power of the Pattern” the suggestion was made to buy stocks the last day of August (see post here).¬† Did I know one of the best September’s in decades¬†would take place?¬† I wish… but the answer is a clear NO!¬†¬† I deeply liked what I saw in the patterns, but the best September in 70 years….NOT!

If you have been a viewer of my work on dshort or this blog, you already know I am of the opinion that getting the currency markets direction correct, sure can help a portfolios performance!  With this in mind, below is an update of the Euro/Yen.


A breakout in the Euro/Yen would most likely mean the U.S. Dollar fails at support, which usually leads to higher commodity and stock prices, on a GLOBAL BASIS!

A breakout in the Euro/Yen…Breakdown of the U.S. Dollar, would suggest that portfolios OVERWEIGHT TOWARDS International¬†and Commodities holdings.¬† (This should give a boost to ECH and DBA type ETF’s)¬† U.S. Stocks should do well, relative strength though should take place in these areas!¬†¬†

 ALWAYS keep stops suited to YOUR RISK TOLERANCE in place!!!

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