Are the markets being held hostage by….The Election?  QE2 News?   Fibonacci Resistance?  Power of the Pattern?  Do they need a hero like “Dudley (BEN) Do-Right” to come along and save us?


The markets have been fairly quiet the past couple of weeks.  Are they being held hostage to certain news events?  Will one of the above mentioned events finally cause a breakout from the quiet action of late?  I suspect it will.

Harvested gains couple of weeks ago (see post here) and am attempting to be a patient grasshopper (see post here) as these patterns resolve themselves.  I suspect this might be boring to many people, yet I am comfortable with this since “Risk Management” is so key to short and long-term success….. I am not attempting to hit a home run or be a hero.    Just wanting to hit singles, create more pocket-change (see post here) and “inflate portfolios regardless of market direction!”

Resistance is resistance until broken.  Glad to have a ton of cash right now with these type of patterns in place, yet if a breakout takes place…..I will BUY THE BREAKOUT!

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