Suggested in this post (11/18)  to buy Gold ETF (GLD) due to support being at hand. (see post here)  In that post, I mentioned that a possible “BEARISH RIGHT SHOUDLER” could be forming.  If this read is correct, we are at the potential level at (2) in the chart below.

In other post on (11/16) I mentioned the “Dollar was about to take flight!” (see post here)  Looks like both are moving higher in the chart below.


Game plan…  Per Gold, am staying long, yet put a tight stop of 1.5% on GLD, RIGHT NOW!    Will be looking to “score on defense” in Gold/Silver, if the pattern around the right shoulder comes true.

The fresh breakout from the falling channel in the Dollar could put a TON OF PRESSURE on stocks and many commodities- be careful if long.  A Dollar breaout, with equities up against the Fibonacci 61% retracement levels could become a key market mover! 

Per the 500 index, we are attempting to score on defense, by owning SH.  Bought SH at the market highs the morning GM went public(see posts here)


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