I posted a quiz on 11/11, asking what would you do with the chart below (see post here) Actually the chart was the U.S. Dollar, turned UPSIDE down. At that time roughly 5% of investors were bullish the Dollar and the Dollar was testing STRONG SUPPORT!


 Since the first of November the Dollar has rallied nicely and the 500 index is up a small percentage.  How have the BRIC countries performed in the last 30 days?  See below for an update…


As you can see from the above 5-pack, Emerging markets pretty much peaked at the same time the Dollar was hitting key support.  This is an example of why it becomes so important for us to get the currency moves correct, due to the ripple effect into other asset classes!

I have receive numerous emails asking why I haven’t suggested to own the Emerging markets ETF’s.  The reason that I didn’t have much interest in them over the past 5 weeks was due to the top chart, per the U.S. Dollar was at support and way too out of favor.

Key potential pattern in EEM above…watch it closely!!!


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