Investing via a rear view mirror is rather easy, knowing what lies down the road becomes the real challenge for investors

No doubt certain Commodities have moved much higher over the past year.   Important portfolio issue right now..what BIG move lies around the corner?  See below for a few new trends that look to be taking place and what the “Power of the Pattern” is suggesting.



Earlier in the week I ask what message was being sent/what does it smell like (see post here).  Even though Oil is going through the roof, the “Power of the Pattern” was suggesting that it smelled like “DEFLATION” (falling prices)!   

Earlier in the week I ask….”should you get your clues from Lybia or the price of copper?” (See post here) 

The Power of the Pattern in the above 5-pack is suggesting that some key trends appear to be in the early stages of reversing and that lower prices appear to be in store, for a wide variety of assets!    I mentioned in an earlier post today that the high yield mutual funds haven’t reflected a key reversal of their positive price trends.  If they would happen to join in on the downside price action, it would confirm that a MAJOR trend change is at hand.

How The Recent Decline In Stocks Looks "Eerily" Like Major Bear Markets Of The Past