Copper/FCX  is breaking key support (see post here)

Rough Rice is down “lock limit” again today and has declined close to 20% since its recent highs (see food price peak here).  Check out all the grains of late?

Long-bond(TLT) looks to have held on key support and is moving higher with lopsided sentiment as bond bulls recently had declined to less than 5%.  Bonds may be boring, yet buying on key support is usually a good idea for portfolios (see isn’t this exciting bond post here) 

EFA/EEM chart below, which gave its FIRST SELL SIGNAL since the summer of 2008! (see post here)  This chart suggested that risk was about to move much higer!”


What does lower copper prices, lower grain prices and a rally in bonds usually spell?  SMELLS LIKE…..A market that is moving away from the “growth story!!!”   Look how some of these “scoring on defense plays” are looking today… Copper (SMN)  Grains (AGA) Bonds (TLT) Inverse EEM (EEV)


NDX 100 is testing key support in the chart above, while the 500 index and Mid-caps remain a little ways above key support. Support is support until broken!  With Copper/Grains reflecting weakness, a EEM/EFA sell signal and bonds reflecting strength on support, these support lines ARE FACING their BIGGEST TEST since last September!

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