Can an investment gain 50% in a couple of weeks and fall 50% in a couple of days?  See below for what product did this and when it took place!


I have shared numerous times,  based upon the ”Power of the Pattern”  that Silver could reward investors in a huge way if it could break above its 61% Fibonacci retracement level.  The chart above shows how huge of a move Silver made 30-years ago, at levels it is testing in 2011!


Since we picked up Silver/SLV on the breakout, it is up more than 20% in the past 5 weeks(see Silver breakout close at hand) Since Silver is dealing with pricing issues going all the back to 1980, a breakout above key fibonacci levels should push Silver much higher, in short order!

Game Plan…Remaining Long and overweighted in the Silver arena with downside stops!  As good as the patterns look a “STOP IS A MUST!” Keeping a wide stop in place, worst that can happen to the original breakout pruchase is a 10% gain, should it reverse to the downside from here.

Don’t underestimate how powerful a break of 30-year resistance could be for this product, should the breakout happen!. Be on board, be aware of the potential and watch it closely!!!


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