WowWhat a great response, the biggest ever!!!  Thanks again to all the regulars who responded to the quiz and welcome to the tons of new viewers that responded for the very first time.  For some odd reason a good many of you thought I did a trick with the chart….would I ever do that

Around 20% were on track per the correct sector, yet most thought it was a different ETF.  Below is the quiz of two days ago.


Below is the answer to the quiz and an updated chart.


GAZ has “run out of gas” time after time as it has been turned away by the falling resistance line. Yet yesterday was a good example of what an initial breakout can do for investors as GAZ gained more than 5% on the day.  This is the first break of resistance in many a month. As I shared in the quiz answer, owing GAZ and UNG have been major disappointments, to say the least, due to the construction of the product.  Owning this ETF is for aggressive investors only and a stop is a must!

I like what the “Power of the Pattern” is suggesting here, yet the tool remains very suspect!!!

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