I want to say hello and Thank you, to all of the new viewers to my blog and to those of you that are regular viewers since I started sharing my work on dshort.com last year.  If you haven’t checked out dshort.com you are missing one of the best financial blogs on the net!!! 

 I am aware that each of you are very busy and I am honored that you take a little time out of your life to see what the “Power of the Pattern” might be suggesting on a daily basis.

Just a reminder that I am not a Bull or a Bear on any given asset!  I am of the belief that being “bullish or bearish” is nothing more than a psychological state of mind……. It isn’t a strategy. 

I attempt to find repeating patterns that have around a two-thirds chance of predictable results. No matter how hard I work I know I will be wrong a third of the time and  I am OK with that….yet I am not OK with “Being wrong for long!” 

My strategy that you see on the blog is called TB&M, which stands for “Tops, Bottoms and No Middles!”  I attempt to find quality “exhaustion and reversal” points in a broad array of assets.

A close friend of mine that has been receiving my research for over 10 years calls the “Power of the Pattern“ his “28-second advantage!”  What does he mean by this statement?  It takes him less than 28 seconds to see what action the “Power of the Pattern” is suggesting for him to take. I am of the belief the pattern should tell the story…not me!

Another reminder…. I am an Occam’s Razor fan.  This theory suggests to “shave away” all unnecessary information not needed, when making decisions.



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