Wow…Biggest response to a quiz ever!  Thank you for all the great responses from all over the world….tons from Europe, Canada and Asia and too many other places to mention…  Around a third of the emails were correct per what it was.  Majority of the other two-thirds thought the chart was the U.S. Dollar and the VIX Index

For some odd reason the chart got turned upside down…. I need to work more on the publishing side of the blog so that doesn’t happen in the future…  ;)  See the Quiz below.


Below is the answer to the quiz….which happens to be the Russell 2000.


These patterns present a great place to attempt to score on defense, with a tight overhead stop should the Russell happen to break above the wedge and its 2007 highs.  If it should breakout, investors would want to follow, since it would be pressing into all-time high ground!

I am honored by the huge response and such kind words shared per how much many of you enjoy and learn from these quiz’s.  All the best and good luck, Chris

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