Anyone notice when the news out of Greece dominates CNBC/business airwaves, if history is any guide the stock market is a ton closer to a LOW than a High! 

 A New “Grecian Formula” for investment success at hand?

Of late what else took place once Greece was dominating the news?   Is “where did the Bulls go a clue? (see post here) 


The above chart is an update to Freaky Friday post (see post here) which suggested for short-term investors to take a long position, due to support and the VIX hitting key falling resistance.

Apple chart below….is an update to the Apple chart from yesterday, reflecting that Apple was on key support yesterday (see post here)


Apple has created a bullish pattern at support, yet a breakout is still in question. 

Will the “Grecian Formula” work again this time around?  Too soo to tell, yet the odds go way up if Apple can breakout to the upside of this pattern!


How The Recent Decline In Stocks Looks "Eerily" Like Major Bear Markets Of The Past