Moving averages are great tools and a ton of money can shift, based upon the message these indicators send. 

In the chart below I compared the 200-EMA with the 150-SMA…..Which one do you believe is sending the correct signal right now?



Over the past few years, the 150-SMA has a little better track record than the 200-EMA…..150-SMA bought in earlier in 2009 and had fewer false signals than the 200-EMA during the middle months of 2010. I am curious which one moving average you believe is sending the correct message right now….

Is the 150-SMA Sell signal or the 200-EMA support signal correct?      Send me an email at [email protected] if you would like to share your thoughts/opinions. 

 I will report the results of the quiz tonight.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions!

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