The “Power of the Pattern” isn’t always correct, yet when it is, the impact can be huge!  Sometimes record breaking!

The chart below reflected very bearish multi-year patterns had formed in the Corn and Wheat complex back on June 16th.  (see post here)


Yesterday Corn suffered is single biggest decline in the past 15 years…  (see article here) 

I wanted to revisit these huge rising wedges and its impact due to the rising wedge in the chart below, that has taken years to form as well!



I started sharing how Crude oil looked vulnerable to a decline back on June 13th, when crude oil was pressing on key support around $100 (see post here)

A break of some key support levels could send Crude oil down to the middle of its 30-year range, which comes into play around $60  (see 30-year crude oil chart here) 

Stocks might very well like this news should Crude oil and gas futures fall in price…..very possible and time will tell. 

Seeing softness in grains, oils, and other commodities in the past has been something to respect, per its macro message.

How The Recent Decline In Stocks Looks "Eerily" Like Major Bear Markets Of The Past