Thanks for all of the kind emails from viewers, sharing how well many of you have done over the past month, via ownership of Apple. 

 Apple is up over $50 in the past month….some of you bought call options and the results are over the top massive!!!  Congrats on your very smart moves that you did on your own.

Over the weekend I shared in the chart below that Apple could get a “NEW SET OF LEGS and move much higher” per a break of the $360 resistance level. (see post here)


Earning on Apple are due out in less than 2 hours and I have no idea what will happen, yet I have to tell you, the “Power of the Pattern” remains very good looking!!! 

Check out the long-term updated view of Apple, where it recently tested support, dating all the way back to 1986!


I am not a bull or a bear on Apple or the markets….just attempting to read the patterns and find places that put the odds into our favor.  A month ago did the patterns look positive for Apple?  Yes!  Did I know Apple would move up $50 in a month?  No! 

Do keep in mind, regardless of earnings today and Apple seeming high… is ONLY $12 ABOVE the highs reached in February! 

A different way to look at it…Buy and Holders are up less than 4% on Apple in the past 5 months.  This bull market leader has not made a ton of money in 5 months.

  The breakout above $360 will surprise a few investors per how much higher it can go!  Would keep a stop in on Apple, just below the $360 support line.



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