Thanks for the awesome response from around the globe. I remain honored and humbled by your thoughts and sharing how this simple exercise is fun, educational and most of all profitable for youWe are all in this together…happy if I can be of help in any small way! 

Many of you commented that you had picked up Apple on channel support and were wanting to attempt to do the same again.

Below is the original quiz…(SEE ORIGINAL QUIZ OPPORTUNITY HERE)


Below is the answer to the quiz, update with current price action….Majority of the responses suggested they would be a buyer on support.  Most felt the chart was tied to a commodity, yet was hard to put a finger on exactly what it was.  2 responses pegged it exactly.


Game Plan…we picked up ACI a couple of days ago, so far it has edged up about 7% on the breakout.  So far good price action is taking place.  Will remain an owner with a trailing stop.  Should ACI break rising support I would no longer want to be an owner.

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