TLT has traded inside of a rising channel for all but 80 days in the past 8 years.  TLT traded above line (1) for less than 80 days, back in the Financial crisis in 2008.  It has paid to trade the range by harvesting at resistance line (1) and buying at the bottom of the channel. 

One year ago this week, TLT was at the top of this channel, bullish bond sentiment stood in excess of 95% and the “Power of the Pattern” suggested to “harvest TLT and if very aggressive short bonds!”  (see peak elevation in bonds here). 

With TLT at the top of the channel again and bullish bond sentiment in excess of 95%….Will it be any different this time around???

Keep a close eye on Gold’s potential “Eiffel Tower” pattern (see post here) …if the Right side of the Eiffel tower pattern comes true for Gold,(which it will in time)  it should ripple into the price of TLT.

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