If you happen to believe that Commodities should be listened too, per sending a macro message, investors might want to listen to the message of the CRB Index and the CRX Index at this point in time! Both of these broad based commodity index’s created bearish patterns of late and are reflecting macro weakness.

When the CRX index broke rising support back in 2008, broad based selling took place in the commodity complex and in the stock market.  What might have been the key influence per the selling back in 2008?  I suspect it was the Dollar breaking falling resistance.  Well the Dollar is breaking falling resistance AGAIN, which started last week (see Dollar seeing Double Post here)

When the Dollar broke above resistance back in 2008, the “Great Escape” (see Great Escape post here) started to take place.  Please respect the potential message from the CRB/CRX.  Could another Great Escape take place?  It already is in many ways!  Check out how much lower many products now, than when the Great Escape post was created back in May! 

If the CRB/CRX keep pushing lower, more of the Great Escape theme will take place!  The message we should hear from them is?   Protect your assets!

Investors beware….GE2  (Great Escape II) could pick up a ton of speed due to these patterns!!!

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