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As a reminder…I am NOT a “Bull nor a Bear!”  I am just attempting to share research that can help investors “enlarge their portfolios, regardless of market direction!”  We live in awesome times, per the opportunities have never been bigger!!!

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Shared the chart below on 8/31, reflecting that Basic Materials ETF (IYM) has hitting a key resistance hurdle, at its 50% Fibonacci resistance level. (See post here) The importance of this chart….The outcome of this resistance hurdle was going to tell all of us a ton, per the global economy running out of gas!


Below is an update on the last 3 weeks price action of Basic Materials (IYM)…


Not only did this hurdle of resistance create an opportunity to harvest if long, it created a massive opportunity to score on defense for aggressive investors, as well as sending a macro message to all investors!  SMN has done well of late and this pattern suggests it should continue to do so!

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