Due to the pattern at hand and a breakdown in OBV, Many of you shorted Silver a couple of days ago and have made over 40% in the past 2 days. The Silver pattern that suggested a downside break was at hand can be viewed… (see post here)  I have received a ton of emails asking where does key support come into play….see below for a key “medium term target!”


Once On-balance-volume broke support, Silver started getting into trouble!  Now sellers are far outweighing buyers.  In 2008 when the Great Escape 1 took place, Silver fell over 60%.  I have been sharing GE2 could be at hand and if investors play their cards right, massive opportunities are going to unfold. 

ZSL has gained over 40% in the past couple of days, this is just one example of how GE2 should be used as an opportunity.  The above chart does not include todays action, yet since so many wondered where key support is, I wanted to let the viewers get a feel for it. 

As always, keep trailing stops in place, to keep these nice gains!

How The Recent Decline In Stocks Looks "Eerily" Like Major Bear Markets Of The Past