Below was the quiz chart of last Thursday, 9/1 (see post here). 


Thank you for the overwhelming huge global response.  The majority of the responses were correct, per what the product was.  I shared in the title of the quiz post “Portfolio Game Changer!”  Many of you picked up on the clue and shared that phrase made the quiz easier.  Thanks to all of you that sent in a response for the very first time.  Honored to have you as a viewer and enjoyed your responses.  

Many of you shared that you were reducing some risk exposure due to the Dollar chart or where adding to positions that were “attempting to score on defense.”  For those of you that acted on the answer Thursday, Friday was a good day and this trade is working decently so far this morning too.   For those of you that did not send in a response, below is the answer to the quiz….


I wanted to share the Dollar chart for two key reasons. (1)-it appears that the Dollar was creating a pattern that looked very much like the pattern back in 2008. (2)- If the Dollar would break falling resistance on this weekly chart (which it had not broken at the time of the chart, since the chart was done on Thursday), it would suggest that “risk assets” should be put under further downside pressure

In 2008, once the Dollar did break above line (1), not only did stocks fall in price, the majority of assets fell in price, including commodities (oils, grains, s, meats, metals and global/emerging markets too!).  There was no place to hide, the “Great Escape” was on.   The dollar has made failed attempt after failed attempt in the past year to break above line (3).  Odds increase a good deal that it the Dollar makes a solid breakout above line (3), the majority of assets will come under pressure again!!!

FYI-The above charts we made on Thursday, 9/1.  This morning the Dollar is trading around 75.52, almost 1% higher than at the time of the post, which pushes the Dollar farther above resistance line (3).  

While on the topic of currencies….Also keep an eye on the Franc’s action as it is breaking support this morning… it could impact the Dollar  (see Franc price quote/chart here)

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