The Beatles spoke a good deal of investing wisdom in the hit song “Let It Be!”   (hear song)  (see lyrics here)



Quality Investment advice from the Beatles hit song “Let it Be” sure applied when it came to what to do at key resistance and the “Head & Shoulders” topping pattern….suggesting that investors should- Let It (Risk Assets) Be and just harvest/walk away!  This type of long-term resistance/topping patterns was suggesting the Buy, Hold & Hope strategy was going to be challenged in a big way.

The mid-line of the multi-decade rising channel is now in play at (4), with the bottom support line of the channel over 25% below current prices.

A break of this support line would re-enforce two themes….(1) Let Risk Be/Risk Off is the position to take and (2)  GE2 (Great Escape 2) will pick up selling momentum!  (remember in 2008/GE1, there was no place to hide…the same thing is happening again!)


How The Recent Decline In Stocks Looks "Eerily" Like Major Bear Markets Of The Past