Shared on 10/21 that we should keep a close eye on Basic Materials/Copper, since the broad markets need them if they are to push much higher(see post here)   Below is an update to the price action of IYM and JJC of late.


The rally of late did not break above the neckline of the “Head & Shoulders” topping pattern!  (see post here) All it did was “kiss the underside” of this key resistance…Was it the Kiss Good-Buy??? 

Yesterday I shared (see post here) that the people on CNBC were very excited/Bullish at the underside of the neckline, just the opposite of how they were at the bottom of the trading range. (watch this video when you get a chance!)   Do the opposite of the attitudes on CNBC?  Racecar??? Yes!!!

Per IYM against resistance…if you are an aggressive investor, ideal spot to pick up SMN!

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