The popular game of late seems to be the long-term forecast/upper price targets on Apple.  Its no fun being left out of that game so why not share the “Power of the Patterns” long term Fibonacci forecast on Apple….which comes into play at the $840 level.  (see below where that target came from).

The only thing Apple needs to do on its way to $840 is ….Break above a 20-year resistance line, a 30-year resistance line and its 261% Fibonacci extention level (all three meet at the same price point)! 

The two multi-decade resistance lines and the Fib extension level just happen to meet around the $520 range in the chart below.


The above chart was shared with Premium Members on 2/21, reflecting that Apple created an often times bearish weekly pattern last week, up agaisnt the resistance/Fib extension lines at (4). 

Sometimes Apple has influenced the S&P 500! (see post here)

Wonder if the news from Apples annual meeting today will impact the technical situation currently at hand in Apple?

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