What patterns do you see? What would you do with this chart/product

As I shared in the chart, don’t spend one second….attempting to guess what the product/asset is; wondering if this is a short or long term chart; or if I did something to the chart, is it right side up or upside down? (you know I’ve never done that before or will again)

This chart will be a key focus of the Global Webinar Workshop this upcoming week and the answer will be only be revealed during the workshop  and to Premium Members

What is the sole purpose for sharing this chart ahead of time?  I wanted to give each of you a few days time to work on this chart.   For those attending the workshop, please feel free to send me your thoughts on what patterns you see in this chart, before the workshop.  Please send them to [email protected] and in the headling type “Webinar Quiz”

Remember the key to this and all quiz’s…see the pattern for what it is, not the product you think it might be.  We want to throw out all potential bias!!!

In my 32 years in the business and the tens of thousands of charts I’ve studied, torn apart and analyzed…. this chart ranks in the top 5 of importance per its impact and portfolio design. This could be the mother of an opportunity, that is why it will be a focus of the workshop.

As a reminder the webinar workshops will be held this upcoming Wednesday (6/27) at 4:30 P.M Eastern time and Thursday (6/28) at 11:00 A.M. Eastern.

If you interested in learning what all we will cover in the workshop CLICK HERE.   If you want to see more details on the webinar workshop or are interested in signing up CLICK HERE.  If interested in learning more about my Strategy TB&M (Tops, Bottoms and No Middles) CLICK HERE

Thanks for the great response to the webinar workshop…I ‘m looking forward to some fun and education this upcoming week.



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