Inflation? Deflation?   Or some of both…. BiFlation“ 


A breakout in grains, could cause inflation in certain parts of our economy to scream higher!

The broad based MS Commodity Index (CRX) finds itself on a key support line, which could be the neckline of a bearish “Head & Shoulders” topping pattern. 

During our global workshop two weeks ago (which is still available to view) we introduced our “Sector/Commodity Sentiment Extreme” research service.  If you would like to get more details on this new service and how members are taking advantage of these patterns and extremes in sentiment right now,  send us an email at [email protected] and in the subject line put “Sector/Commodity Sentiment Extreme” and we will send you a free copy of this new service and what extremes are currently in place.

 What will this mean to you as a consumer and how can you take advantage of it?  We will keep you updated on these opportunities!


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