Shared the chart below with Premium Members 8 days ago, reflecting a very uncrowded trade (only 17% bulls) in Coffee and it was on support, at its 61% retracement level.



 The case to own Coffee/Jo was this…. too many bears, too few of bulls and bullish patterns were taking place (61% support level and rising support)


Coffee/Jo has gained twice as much in 8 days, than the S&P 500 has made in 6 months!

The decline has been so extreme in Coffee, the 23% Fib ratio and falling resistance lines remain a good deal above current prices!

During last weeks Global workshop, we introduced our new “Sector/Commodity Sentiment Extreme” play of the week service.

 Our focus of this service……find the 5 most out of favor sectors/commodities (bottom 5) and the 5 most favored sectors/commodities (Top 5) and then apply Power of the Pattern analysis to each of them. 

When bullish pattern patterns take place in the out of favor/bottom 5, the service will show quality entry points to go long.  When bearish patterns take place in the most favored/top 5, the service will show quality entry points to short.  Sentiment alone will NOT be enough to trigger a signal….quality Power of the Pattern setup must be at hand!

We are offering special discounts for this new service, for a limited time.  If you would like to get full details on the new “Sector/Commodity Sentiment Extreme” of the week, please send an email to [email protected].  In the subject line please add  “Sentiment Extreme Info Request

For those of you that attended the workshops and purchased Coffee futures/Jo, its been a good week.  Keep the stops in place we discussed in the workshops. 

If you were unable to attend the global workshop and would still like to view it, please send an email to [email protected]  and in the subject line type…”Global Workshop Info request“   We will send you details on how the workshop can be viewed and what discounts apply to our new services.



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