Viewership traffic is way up and many of you are new to the blog...Thanks so much for the viewers that have been around for almost 2 years and welcome to all the new viewership. 

Some of you will ask, “Why do I create a quiz’s?”  It allows viewers to see a pattern opportunity for what it is and it also helps reduce product bias!  I attempt to find patterns that can lead to large movements in short periods of time.  Remember its about the pattern at hand first and foremost…the product is secondary.  Its all about reading patterns correctly!

All quiz’s don’t pan out perfectly, yet the majority of the time the patterns do break as the patterns suggest…often leading to very large gains, in short periods of timeOne recent quiz led to a 50% gain in 100 days (see post 50% gain here) As always….its not the odds of a pattern coming true, its the impact if it does!

Now to today’s quiz.  What ever the product happens to be, this situation is at hand… a potential repeating pattern at a double bottom might be at hand at (1).  This product seems to be impacted by its 50% Fibonacci level at (2).  Should this product break the Fib level/line (2), odds grow a good deal that a 20%+ move would happen very quickly.

The chart above was sent to Premium Members and Sector/Commodity Sentiment Extreme Customers a couple of weeks ago (see Premium Member details and benefits here) making them aware of the pattern and how investors could take advantage of this potential pattern opportunity.

I will plan on posting the answer to this quiz on Friday afternoon.  I you like to share you thoughts on this pattern, per what you see, what you would do or if you would like the answer to this quiz, send an email to [email protected] and in the subject line put “Quiz Details” and I will get you the answer as soon as I can.

I look forward to hearing from the “regulars” and all the new viewers from around world. ideas.


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