Recently the Power of the Pattern suggested to Sector Sentiment members that an opportunity was at hand to “Short Soybeans” despite the well known drought! 

The reasons to short Soybeans were… a Fibonacci extension level was at hand, at the top of a rising wedge and 82% of investors were bullish Soybeans, reflecting a very crowded trade.


The above chart reflects the wedge at the Fibonacci extension level and a breakdown in Soybeans at (1) in the above chart.  At the same time Beans broke a bearish rising wedge, Crude was doing the same last week! (see Crude Oil breakdown)


The above chart reflects a massive long position is in place in the Soybean market. This chart was sent to SSE members on 9/17.   The last two times this size of a long/bullish position took place in Soybeans, they fell at least 30% in value. 

Will it be different this time???

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